....is a workshop where you'll prove to yourself that dancing can be incredibly transformative as well as lots of fun!

You'll learn basic posture, moves and combinations, learn to isolate and undulate your body, dancing to different arabic rhythms and music....get ready to shimmy in style with Switzerland's Queen of belly dance 2010, ALIA!

Language can be a barrier to experience and you may find yourself in a class wasting energy on translating rather than dancing, thats why I want to offer you the chance to learn to dance in English.

This is for you if you are an English speaking woman (or just not a native German speaker!) looking to dance.

You're going to enjoy a fun, energetic and challenging dance class using muscles you may not use often to build a strong feminine body. Belly dance increases core strength and overall stability as well as being a great way to relax, develop your self expression, body awareness and meet other women.

You will love discovering the potential of your body as you move to beautiful music, enjoying the wildly feminine strength and softness of this dance.

You'll be surprised and delighted how easily you can dance enjoying the sense of power and freedom that comes through movement.

Why me? As well as offering you my many years of experience as a dancer, teacher and choreographer , I can offer you this here in Switzerland in English!

Pricing per person: 30CHF per hour

Want to organize an introductory workshop? Get together a minimum of 5 friends and your place in the workshop will be free! Workshops run for 3 hours and are held in central Zürich. Regular workshops/classes by arrangement.



Belly dance Basics